Therapy in english

The path of intimate long-term relationship is probably one of the most challenging journeys in life. People are often too busy with children and work to give enough attention to their relationship and what’s going on in the space between them. Few of us have a good model of intimate relationship and dealing with the challenges of intimate relationship, and it’s easy to put something in between us to avoid the danger of intimacy. Very often we get stuck in repeating patterns learned in the family of origin. The experience can be communication difficulties or that the energy in the relationship is gone – the partners has drifted apart. Sometimes the relationship has suffered wounds and the partners are too hurt to approach each other again. Keeping loving sexual contact and nurturing intimacy require courage, love and authenticity, and means being willing to be with the truth and to allow vulnerability.

For us our relationship is a teacher for love and awakening. We have been through challenges, hurt each other many times and been close to breaking up. By bringing awareness and acceptance to what is happening for each of us and give space and movement to emotions and feelings, the relationship has changed and the love we have for each other has deepened. We have learned that the more transparent we are and the more we are able to be with the truth, the more love comes through.

TerapeuterWe give therapy sessions in English – individual and couple therapy. Giving couple sessions, we mostly work together. That has many advantages. As a man and woman, we have different qualities that we can add to the therapeutic work, and together we can be more aware of what is happening in the process. As clients, you have two different people to relate to, both to experience support or to be challenged where necessary. Each session is 90 minutes and costs NOK 3 100 with both of us. One therapist NOK 2 000.

Øystein Simmenes, born 1962, has been educated at the Norwegian Institute of Psychosynthesis (NIP), and has been practicing as a psychotherapist since 2004. He has also been associated with NIP as a teacher and group therapist. In addition, he has a degree in economics from Norwegian School of Management and a degree from the School of Information technology, and has worked for 10 years with economics, administration and IT development in organizations.

Aase-Merethe Hegg, born 1964, is a psychotherapist Psychosynthesis (NIP 2006) and started seeing clients in January 2007. In addition, Aase-Merethe has a Master of Management and experience from finance and economics. She has worked as an organizational consultant and coach, and Aase-Merethe has several years of experience from coaching groups and individuals. Aase-Merethe is also Qualified Teacher and Facilitator from School of Movement Medicine. 

Aase-Merethe and Øystein have completed a two-year post-graduate diploma training in couple counselling, Creative CoupleWork, with Nick and Helena Duffell (2008-10), The Centre for Gender Psychology, and started to see couples in 2011. They have lived together for 24 years and have five children. Working through their own challenges in the relationship has inspired and called them to offer couple therapy and workshops. Together they hold a safe and supportive space with love, respect and presence.