Movement from Heart to Heart – Movement Medicine Retreat

– from stuck and repeating patterns to experience love and intimacy
A Movement Medicine workshop for couples
– in the paradise of Argayall, La Gomera 
28 November – 5 December 2020
with Aase-Merethe Hegg and Øystein Simmenes

This workshop is canceled due to covid-19


The path of an intimate long-term relationship is probably one of the most challenging journeys in life. People are often too busy with children and work to give enough attention to their relationship and what’s going on in the space between them. Few of us have a good model of intimate relationship and dealing with the challenges of intimate relationship, and it’s easy to put something in between us to avoid the danger of intimacy. Very often we get stuck in repeating patterns learned in the family of origin. The experience can be communication difficulties or that the energy in the relationship is gone – the partners have drifted apart. Sometimes the relationship has suffered wounds and the partners are too hurt to approach each other again. Keeping loving sexual contact and nurturing intimacy require courage, love and authenticity, and means being willing to be with the truth and to allow vulnerability.

For us our relationship is a teacher for love and awakening. We have been through challenges, hurt each other many times and been close to breaking up. By bringing awareness and acceptance to what is happening for each of us and give space and movement to emotions and feelings, the relationship has changed and the love we have for each other has deepened. We have learned that the more transparent we are and the more we are able to be with the truth, the more love comes through. Working through our own challenges in our relationship has inspired and called us to offer this workshop.

Journey of committed relationship will take you through four phases of relationship and give you opportunity to identify what feels stuck in your relationship and make movements beyond the current limits of intimacy. In this workshop you and your partner will work in a safe environment with other committed couples. You will learn to use movement to music, communication exercises and sharing in order to find new ways of connecting as well as the powerful resource of gender groups. In the privacy of your own room you will connect and explore new approaches to intimacy with your partner.
This retreat is a chance to have time with your partner and others, who are interested in deepening their capacity for intimate relationships.

This workshop will give you an opportunity to:

  • Get in deeper contact with yourself and with your partner
  • Find a deeper meaning and a new vision for your relationship
  • Learn about the movement from conflict to transformation
  • Understand how relationship can be a guide to personal development
  • Experience connection between body, heart, and mind – and the guidance of your soul
  • Sharing with other committed couples and with your own gender

Workshop format

The workshop will be held at the peaceful Argayall – a paradise for relaxing deeply and letting go. The magical power of the nature at Argayall – the mountains, the sun, the sea, and the air – and the unique community setting provides the space for personal transformation as well as the opportunity to both come into contact with yourself and your partner and deepen your relationship. It is deeply nourishing to get away from everyday life and all its demands and getting the exceptional food at Argayall served – a variety of tropical fruits, vegetables and salads are grown in their organic permaculture garden. Living together for a week in this warm and supportive environment by the sea will be a unique experience of being a couple in an open consciousness raising community.
We will start the first day (Saturday) before dinner in the seminar room surrounded by a lush tropical garden, and the course will end the next Friday evening.
Workshop language is English, Norwegian translation is an option.

The workshop will be led by:

Aase-Merethe Hegg and Øystein Simmenes are both psychotherapists and have been trained as couple therapists by The Centre for Gender Psychology (UK). Aase-Merethe has completed the Professional Training with The School of Movement Medicine, and is Movement Medicine Teacher in training. Aase-Merethe and Øystein are experienced couple therapists and together they hold a safe and supportive space with love, respect and presence.


Argayall is a peaceful place in a tropical garden by the see, under the mountains, situated 15 minutes walk from the fishing village Valle Gran Rey at the Canary Island La Gomera. Please see
There are several types of accommodations you can choose from: Uniquely designed rooms with private baths and ocean views, rooms with common baths, facing the garden and small cozy huts in the garden with common baths. Argayall offers a variety of daily meditations and Yoga as well as a variety of individual sessions and treatments with experienced and professionally trained therapists.
The nearby village has numerous interesting restaurants and shops, and a sandy beach.


Saturday 28 November – Saturday 5 December 2020.
We start Saturday 28 November at 18.00 with introduction and presentation.
Dinner at 19.30.
We will finish Friday 4 December with dinner at 19.30.
Check-out time is Saturday 5 December at 10.00.
The workshop times will be arranged to include some periods left free for relaxation, exploring the beautiful surroundings, beach trips and swimming.

Cost and booking

Workshop and administration fees are NOK 14,200 per couple. An initial deposit of NOK 4,000 per couple (non-refundable) with booking will reserve your place. Early booking discount of NOK 3,700 if deposit is received by 20 February 2020 (remaining amount is due before 25 May). The total cost of the workshop will then be NOK 10,500 per couple.
Accommodation is payable to venue in Euros when you are there. Costs vary according to your preference; from EUR 61 to 82 per person per night – full board in double room. Three vegetarian meals except for Tuesday when no dinner is served. Tuesday evening the kitchen is free to be used with all facilities and food, to prepare your own meal, or use the night to check out the local restaurants.
If you are interested in this work, but are not sure it is for you, you are welcome to contact us for a 30 minutes talk.
For registration please send us an e-mail and we will send you an application form and booking conditions.


La Gomera has an exceptionally good climate. Weather at the end of November is generally warm, 20-24 degrees C and the sea around 20 degrees C.



Travelling to Argayall can be a little adventure. You arrange your own travel. Flight to Tenerife South TFS. From the harbour of Los Cristianos, Tenerife, the Ferry takes you to the harbour of San Sebastian, La Gomera, or directly to Valle Gran Ray.
If you have a couple of extra days, Argayall and Valle gran Rey is a great place to have some quiet days to let it all sink in.